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  • Alton Community Hospital

    Alton Community Hospital is a small hospital in central Hampshire. The hospital has one ward, Anstey Ward, and a number of community services and teams are also based there.

  • Andover War Memorial Hospital

    Andover War Memorial Hospital is operated by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We provide a range of community services and clinics at this site.

  • Antelope House

    Antelope House is a small hospital in Southampton dedicated to the treatment of mental health.

  • Ashford

    Ashford is a purpose-built 10-bedded ward specifically for adult men with a learning disability who have been detained under the Mental Health Act.

  • Austen House

    Austen House, a low secure, forensic hospital that provides vital support for children and young people with specialist mental health needs, in the South of England and beyond.

  • Avalon House

    Avalon House is a community hub in Winchester, which provides various community health clinics.

  • Bluebird House

    Bluebird House is a specialist, secure mental health inpatient unit, providing assessment, treatment and care for young people.

  • Crowlin House

    Crowlin House is an 18-bed social care unit in Totton, open 24/7, providing residential care for adults with mental health issues. Our team provide an individualised service so each person can maximise their independence and daily living skills.

  • Elmleigh

    Elmleigh is in Havant and has wards for both men and women with a functional mental illness - such as depression, a personality disorder or schizophrenia.

  • Fareham Community Hospital

    We run a number of community services from Fareham Community Hospital.

  • Fordingbridge Hospital

    Fordingbridge Hospital provides physiotherapy, orthopaedic choice and occupational therapy. Ford Ward is also based here.

  • Gosport War Memorial Hospital

    Gosport War Memorial Hospital cares for men and women with an organic mental illness, such as dementia.

  • Hythe Hospital

    Hythe Hospital is a community hospital, providing various community services and clinics.

  • Leigh House

    Leigh House is an acute adolescent psychiatric service providing inpatient treatment for young people between the ages of 13 to 18 years.

  • Lymington New Forest Hospital

    Lymington New Forest Hospital is a large modern hospital located in the South West of Hampshire.

  • Melbury Lodge

    Melbury Lodge is based at the back of the Royal Hampshire County Hospital site in Winchester and has functional mental health wards for adults (for illnesses such as depression, a personality disorder or schizophrenia), plus a specialist mother and baby unit.

  • Moorgreen Hospital

    Moorgreen Hospital provides a base for a variety of our mental health and physical health community teams. We also have a variety of corporate teams on site.

  • Parklands Hospital

    Parklands Hospital is based in Basingstoke and has a variety of adult mental health wards, as well as various community hubs.

  • Petersfield Hospital

    Peterfield Hospital provides a number of community services and has two rehabilitation wards which also care for people at the end of their lives.

  • Ravenswood House

    Ravenswood House is a medium secure unit providing assessment, care and treatment for adults with serious mental illness.

  • Romsey Hospital

    Romsey Hospital is home to two rehabilitation wards and also provides a wide range of physical health services and clinics.

  • Southfield

    Southfield is a low secure specialist mental health inpatient service.

  • Western Community Hospital

    Western Community Hospital is based in Southampton and cares for people with a functional mental illness.

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