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Bluebird House is a specialist, secure mental health inpatient unit that helps young people, both male and female, aged 12-18 years. Young people using our service have complex mental health problems which mean they pose a risk to themselves or others.

Young people must be under 18 years of age when they’re referred, but they may stay beyond the age of 18 if their treatment requires it (although young people will be discharged from the service before their nineteenth birthday).

Young people admitted to Bluebird House are detained under the Mental Health Act and may be subject to Ministry of Justice restrictions.

We work hard to create a friendly, welcoming and therapeutic environment for our young people. We believe that the involvement of families, guardians and carers can be a very important part of a young person’s treatment and recovery.

Where it’s appropriate, young people at Bluebird House will always be encouraged to communicate with family and friends. In a secure unit we have to balance this against the overriding need to maintain a safe and secure environment for all patients, staff and visitors within the unit.

We have separate rooms that can be used for visits. Visits may be supported by members of staff, depending on the needs of the young person. There are specific times for visiting and a visit needs to be booked in advance. Visitors must be approved prior to visits being arranged.

Because Bluebird House is a secure unit, we have some special rules and procedures that visitors need to follow. This helps to keep you, young people and our staff safe.

When you visit Bluebird House we may need to search your personal belongings before you enter the main unit. If you don’t want them to be searched, you will need to leave your items in one of the lockers at reception.

Take a look at our Coronavirus Information pages to find out about our latest visiting restrictions.

When you arrive at Bluebird House you’ll be met by your care team. We will show you around as soon as possible – you can ask us any questions and we will provide you with lots of information about what to expect when you stay here.

Your room - We know that being away from home and the environment you’re familiar with can be difficult. We therefore try to make the unit as homely and comfortable as possible. You will have your own bedroom with en-suite facilities.

Day-to-day life - During your stay your day will be structured to include time for activities, education and therapeutic sessions. How your day is structured will depend on your individual care plan – your care team will discuss this with you.

During evenings and weekends we plan activities such as sports, board games, quizzes, arts and crafts and film nights.

Food, money and belongings - You will have a choice of meals and we will always try and vary our menus so they’re not repetitive. If you have individual dietary needs we will make sure these are catered for. We can also buy snacks for you.

You can bring a certain amount of belongings into your room, such as clothing, books, toiletries and music. If you have a lot of items we may need to put some in secure storage, but you’ll still be able to access them.

You won’t be allowed money in the ward areas. We store money securely in Patient Services which you can access during set hours. You can use money to purchase things like snacks, stamps and toiletries.

Contacting your family, guardians or carers - We will encourage you to stay in contact with family, guardians and carers, through visits and on the phone. During your stay you can receive or make calls to family, friends, guardians or health professionals that are agreed by your care team.

We also offer family therapy during your stay. It’s a chance for you to talk together about issues such as relationships, hopes for the future or events that led up to you being admitted. You will have the opportunity to choose what issues you talk about. You and your family will be supported by a family therapist.

Your spiritual and religious needs- If you have individual religious or spiritual needs, we will always try to support and respect them. We have a chaplain who young people can request to see and a dedicated multi-faith room.

Oxevision - The Trust has chosen to install a new technology system on some of the wards. Oxevision enables staff to take spot-check pulse and breathing rate measurements without the need to enter your bedroom and disturb you at night when you are asleep. You can opt-out of the system at any point in time.

We provide care, treatment and support in a safe and secure environment to help encourage the recovery and well-being of young people. Support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We care for up to 20 young people in three wards. Facilities at the unit include:

  • Learning and Therapy Centre
  • Relaxation room
  • Sports hall
  • High care suite
  • Multi-faith room
  • Games room
  • Fitness suite
  • All weather sports area

Each young person has their own bedroom, and en-suite bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. The bedroom contains built in space for personal belongings.

Each ward also has its own lounge area, dining room, outside courtyard, quiet room, interview room, laundry and phone. For young people who need a higher level of nursing care there are two en-suite high care areas.

Young people at Bluebird House will have nursing and psychological support, as well as occupational therapy, family therapy, education, Creative Therapies (Art & Music) and social work.  Education is provided by Nacro’s Totton College.

The Learning and Therapy Centre (LTC) provides education to young people through Hampshire County Council. 

Our aim is to support lifelong learning. We want to motivate young people to continue with their education within hospital and promote successful futures by encouraging young people to reach their full potential.

Each young person has an individual learning programme to ensure their interests and specific needs are supported. The curriculum offered is broad and balanced, covering a range of subject areas, both academic and vocational and incorporates an enrichment and personal development learning element designed to promote social skills.

The Education Team offer comprehensive pastoral support, working closely with previous education providers to ensure continuity of learning, as well as enabling young people to continue their education when they leave Bluebird House.

The rooms in the LTC provide a safe learning environment and cater for a variety of activities including: 

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Science
  • IT
  • Painting, sculpture, paper & card making
  • Textiles and Craft
  • Music
  • Sports & fitness
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Woodwork
  • Bike maintenance
  • Leatherwork
  • Hair & beauty
  • Art therapy
  • Speech and Language therapy

The library at Bluebird House
Visits can be made Monday to Friday, 4pm-8pm. At the weekends visiting times are more flexible and can be arranged in discussion with nursing staff. 

Young people are able to work towards a range of nationally recognised awards and qualifications including Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) Unit Awards, City & Guilds Awards in English, Mathematics and IT, and GCSEs in a variety of subjects including English, Maths and Science.

When leaving Bluebird House, all young people take with them a portfolio of the awards they have gained so they have evidence of their progress and achievements. 

Any items that you bring in for a patient need to be given to a member of the nursing team. We will meet you at reception so you can provide the items.

The following items are not allowed in the unit:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs – prescription and non-prescription
  • Mobile phones/MP3 Players or voice recording equipment
  • Sharp items – razors, knives, scissors, etc
  • Matches
  • Lighter fluid/petrol/gas
  • Cameras
  • Aerosols – deodorants etc
  • Cans
  • Superglue
  • Weapons/imitation weapons
  • Bluetack or similar products
  • Tobacco products
  • Chewing gum
  • Copied discs (CDs or DVDs)
  • Pornographic material
  • Home cooked food

Non-alcoholic, plastic bottled drinks (with sealed tops) may be brought into the unit, but you'll need to check this with a nurse.

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How to find us

Bluebird House, Tatchbury Mount, Calmore, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 2RZ  

How to get here

By bus

There is a bus service which runs from Southampton to Tatchbury Mount (where Bluebird House is situated). Buses run two hourly services.

Please contact Bluebird Reception (02382 313550) for details of a local taxi firm.


There is plenty of free parking available at Tatchbury Mount.

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