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Healthcare support workers work across a variety of settings, from mental health to end of life care. As a healthcare support worker, you’ll work under the supervision of a healthcare professional, supporting them and helping patients and service users on their journey back to full health.

The opportunities to progress are endless; you can choose to specialise in a particular setting, or train to qualify as a healthcare professional, such as a nurse or associate practitioner. 

HCSW 2.jpg“We both thoroughly enjoy the experience offered to us and it is a real honour being able to assist such a wonderful team of ladies. They carry out such an important role and are an extremely busy team who truly appreciate the support we are able to offer.

"It has been valuable to gain a new skill alongside the School Nurse Assistant role and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.”

Sam and Sarah – School Nurse Assistants in Tidbury 

The role of a health care support worker is hands-on, one minute you could be taking blood and the next lending an ear to an anxious patient. Your day-to-day will vary depending on which part of the Trust you’re working in. For example, if you’re based in a hospital, your duties may include helping patients to move around or monitoring patients and performing basic health checks.

We have a range of roles across Hampshire, check out our vacancies to find out more. 

HCSW.jpg“I would say, for me, I love my job as part of the Southern Health Family. We have an amazing team that have got each other through the hard times and laughed together in the good times!

We always put patient care first and try to bring a happy and positive feeling to the wards we work on.”

Annie, Reese and Tanya – Ravenswood House 

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