Allied Health Professionals

There are 14 unique and diverse professionals considered to be Allied Health Professionals, 11 of which work within our workforce.

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) are integral to most clinical pathways in the organisation and work across organisational boundaries, providing solution-focused, goal-centred care to support patients' independence and help with day to day living.

phyio photo 700 x 466.jpgAHPs are essential members of our workforce and support patients across physical health, mental health, learning disability services, in the hospital environment, clinics, in the community, and alongside other professionals such as nurses, GPs, hospital doctors and social workers. Our AHP staff work at all levels with the opportunity to develop from newly qualified all the way to consultant practitioners.

As well as registered AHPs, we also have unregistered staff working alongside them in the teams, who are vital in supporting the delivery of treatment plans. We are able to offer apprenticeship programmes for occupational therapy and are currently working to develop other AHP apprenticeship opportunities.

We are committed to support the education of our AHPs and to support the education of our future workforce. We also take AHP students and support work experience opportunities.

The 14 professional bodies considered AHP’s include:

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