Projects to get Involved with

As a carer your views are really important to us.

We have a number projects that we really need your help with, which are listed below.

If they interest you, please get in touch our contact details are at the bottom of the page

As a Trust, we recognise that there is more we can do to engage a more diverse community of carers and families. In September 2021, we received a grant fund to develop our Mind the Gap project which is exploring, initially, how we engage with five communities of carers:

  1. Older carers in rural communities
  2. Young Carers
  3. Carers from Minority Ethnic Backgrounds
  4. Travelling/Gypsy carers
  5. Military Families and carers

By March 2022, we will have five bespoke carer engagement strategies and will look to develop progress with these communities further, and extend our work to other diverse communities of carers too

Exploring hospital discharge experiences in comparison to policy and guidance.

The project aims to develop recommendations for how carers can be included in hospital discharge.

If you would like to give feedback on your experience on hospital discharge please click the link below 


 is a national initiative launched by the Carers Trust. This initiative promotes the importance of involving carers, alongside service users and staff. We acknowledge the importance of this initiative and are working hard to embed the Triangle of Care standards. If you would like to read more about Triangle of Care, further information can be found on our Triangle of care page

The aim of the Staff Carers Together peer support group is to support Southern Health staff who provide (unpaid) care alongside their job role.

Carer Confident Accreditation is a benchmarking scheme designed to support us towards building a positive and inclusive workplace for all staff who are, or who will become, carers.


To get in touch about any of the projects above please contact the carers involvement team at  

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