Our Commitment to our Carers

What to expect from us during a person's care and treatment.
For help or advice in your caring role, in the first instance please contact the health care professional responsible for the person’s care. If you still need help or advice, please ask to speak to the Team Manager. The Complaints Team can help you with concerns or complaints.

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  • provide you with help and professional advice to support you
  • take into account your personal needs and preferences.
  • will review with you the level of care that you are able and willing to provide; and understand this may change over time.

  • listen to you without bias or prejudice
  • take your worries and concerns seriously
  • recognise that you have relevant and important information about the person you care for
  • value and respect your opinion and, where necessary, keep it confidential
  • take your views into account when decisions are made about the person you care for
  • share information with you about the person you care for whenever this is helpful and we are able to do so. We have to abide by policy and law relating to confidentiality, and sharing personal information.

  • involve you in planning the care and discharge for the person you support
  • give you a copy of the care plan for the person for whom you care, with their agreement. This will state the responsibilities of all the people who are involved in providing care
  • give you information about what to do to help your relative and who to contact if you need help or advice
  • give you information about the way our service works and relevant health issues including medication
  • discuss with you if you wish to continue with particular caring roles

  • give you the opportunity to state your views on the quality of our services
  • give you the opportunity to be actively involved in the planning, development and evaluation of our services
  • inform you of service developments and give you adequate notice of meetings, consultation periods and other relevant events
  • follow Trust policy to value and recognise your involvement in helping us develop services.

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