In order to discharge its duties effectively, the Board is required to have a number of statutory Committees.  Information on each of the Committees is provided below.

The Audit, Risk & Assurance Committee is responsible for providing the Board of Directors with a means of independent and objective review of the financial and corporate governance, assurance processes and risk management across the whole of the organisation’s clinical and non-clinical activities to support the achievement of the Trust’s objectives.

View the Terms of Reference of the Audit, Risk & Assurance Committee.  

The Nominations & Remuneration Committee fulfils the role of the Nominations Committee (for Executive Directors) and of the Remuneration Committee as described in the Trust’s Constitution and the NHS Foundation Trust Code of Governance.  The Committee approves the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Directors, and makes decisions about their remuneration.

View the Terms of Reference of the Nominations & Remuneration Committee.    

The Charitable Funds Committee is responsible for monitoring the income and expenditure of charitable donations and for considering how charitable funds are invested.  The Trust Board is the corporate trustee of the charitable funds; the Charitable Funds Committee oversees the charity’s operation on behalf of the corporate trustee.

View the Terms of Reference of the Charitable Funds Committee. 

The Quality and Safety Committee has responsibility for ensuring appropriate arrangements are in place for measuring and monitoring quality including oversight of progress against the Trust’s Quality Improvement Strategy, Patient Safety Commitment and People & Partnership Commitment.

View the Terms of Reference of the Quality & Safety Committee. 

The Finance & Performance Committee has responsibility for providing the Board with independent and objective oversight and assurance on the financial and operational performance of the Trust

View the Terms of Reference of the Finance & Performance Committee. 

The People Committee has responsibility for providing assurance to the Board on the delivery of the strategic objective relating to People and the management of risks pertaining to this.  This includes oversight of and assurance on the achievement of the People Plan

View the Terms of Reference of the People Committee

The Health, Ethics & Law Committee has responsibility for providing assurance on the Trust’s ethical and lawful application of all legislation governing the care provided to service users and engagement with carers, friends and family

View the Terms of Reference of the Health, Ethics & Law Committee.

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