Transforming our services

butterfly.JPGAcross the Trust there is a lot of work happening to continue changing and developing our services to benefit our patients and communities, including our transformation programmes, ongoing local quality improvement, as well as countless initiatives and local changes.

We are working in a joined up way with our partners in the local health and care system – including other NHS trusts, local authorities and voluntary organisations. Together we want to ensure our services best meet the needs of our population and bring improved health and wellbeing. 

The way we are doing this is through continuously improving our services, involving staff, service users, carers and partners along the way.

Excitingly, we are also working to fundamentally transform some of our services by listening to what our service users and carers have told us about our current services and how we could make them better. This is collectively known as "Transforming our Services

We use the following principles as we make changes:

  • What matters to users and carers? 
  • What are the national and local drivers and evidence base?
  • What resources and investments are available to help us?
  • What information do we have about how things are working now (qualitative and quantitative)?
  • How have things been affected by COVID-19?

  • Further develop evidence-based pathway/processes, involving staff, our patients, service users, carers, families and partners.
  • Set clear aims and objectives with measureable outcomes.
  • Use effective project management and Quality Improvement methods 

  • Understand patient and carer experience. 
  • Use process, outcome and balancing measures.
  • Understand how data is changing over time. 
  • Understand staff satisfaction.

Get involved
We want to make sure that any changes made to our services take into account the views of everyone involved to ensure we meet the needs of the communities we serve. Those using our services know what changes are needed, so we welcome carers and service users to get involved in improving our services.

Please do get in touch with us to discuss how you can help.

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