Memory Assessment and Research Centre

Dedicated to finding better ways to treat or prevent the development of Memory Disorders

The Memory Assessment & Research Centre (MARC) has been an internationally renowned and award-winning research centre for clinical trials into dementia, mild cognitive impairment and memory problems, for over 30 years.

MARC, based in Southampton, is a multi-disciplinary organisation based in the NHS and led by co-directors Prof Clive Holmes and Dr Brady McFarlane. Meet the team.

mri brain atrophy AD.jpgMARC has conducted over 200 pharmaceutical trials, observational studies or basic science projects aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of memory disorders including Alzheimer's disease; Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment. Current and past research studies.

MARC was instrumental in the development of our current treatments for Alzheimer's Disease and is at the cutting edge of new therapies. News and events.

MARC believes everyone can contribute to dementia research by taking part in simple surveys or by taking part in complex interventional studies. Get involved.

MARC also educates the lay public and health care professionals about dementia and its treatment and gives academic support to students to develop the next generation of researchers. 

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Address: Memory Assessment & Research Centre, Tom Rudd Unit, Moorgreen Hospital, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 3JB

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