Carers and Patients Support Hub


The Carers and Patients Support Hub provides a friendly listening ear and support service where you can share your feedback.

The support hub is aimed at anyone that may have or needs support in finding the right service for them, asking for advice or accessing signposting information. We will also be able to provide an additional platform to share your feedback to help support the Trust in making positive changes for the future.  

The support hub will listen and respond to your feedback or queries, raising them with the most appropriate team, escalating where appropriate or signposting other services or organisations to best support you.

If you raise a concern with the Hub, the service will work alongside the Complaints Team if required, to ensure that a suitable resolution is reached.

The Support hub has been co-produced with people who have been in contact with the Trust. They have shared their own experiences and views to help shape this new service.

The Carers and Patients Suppport Hub is aimed at anyone that has or needs support to find the right service for them. Ask for advice or access signposting information, and will be able provide an additional platform to share your feedback to support the Trust to make positive changes for the future, and build collaborative networks with the community.

The Support hub aims to:

  • Provide a confidential service when needed.
  • Help resolve worries and problems that can be addressed immediately.
  • Provide support and advice for anyone that needs help finding out information relating to our services or third-party organisations.
  • Identifying gaps within the services & feeding this back to the relevant areas.
  • Will work closely with the complaints team when required.
  • Will work collaboratively with third party organisations, community groups and others to build positive working relationship.
  • Being visible and accessible to everyone that needs support from the hub.

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