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get invovled main pic.JPGFind out more about our
service user groups and carer groups        

In these groups we talk about our service.

  • You tell us what is good about our service
  • You tell us what we can change about our service to make it better
  • You tell us what is missing in our service

Most groups meet monthly and work in their local Community Learning Disability Team making easy read documents, giving feedback on services and presenting their work within the Trust.

Here are some examples of activities that service user groups have been involved in:

  • Interviewing new members of staff for their local learning disability community teams.
  • Contributing to quality improvement projects.
  • Working alongside other organisations (such as the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists) towards projects.
  • Hosting events for Learning Disability Awareness Week. As part of this, groups have raised money for local learning disability schools and day services, as well as create posters and design badges.
  • Designing and reviewing easy read information.
  • Sharing their thoughts and ideas on social media.
  • Attended awards events.

We have these groups because we want to make our service the best it can be and we need your help to do this.

Contact your local Community Learning Disability Team for more information. 

Southern Health Stars logo - 2018 update.jpgThis is for you to tell us about a member of Southern Health staff who has been really great and you think should have a chance of winning an award. Tell us on the form what they did that is really amazing. You will need to print the form and send it back to us by post. 

Hearing what you think about our service is really important to us, we need you to help us to make our services better for you. 

We have a feedback form so you can tell us what you think about our services. When we get your feedback we will share with all our teams so we can all learn. 

Find out more about how to give feedback with the friends and family test

If you are a family member, carer or friend and would like to give feedback please see our carers feedback page or you can share a compliment on our Trust page. 

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