Learning Disability friendly GP practice award

The Strategic Health Facilitators work with GP surgeries to ensure:

  • There is a Learning Disability Champion in each practice,
  • Good quality Learning Disability Annual Health Checks are offered,
  • Service users have a Health Action Plan in place after their Annual Health Check,
  • The surgery is person centred,
  • And reasonable adjustments are offered as appropriate.

Once a surgery has been signed off as Learning Disability Friendly, we are able to award them a certificate, a Learning Disability Friendly Logo to advertise on their website and in the practice, as well as access to our Champion’s Network.

Which surgeries in Hampshire are Learning Disability Friendly?

Who is LD friendly Picture 2.png


If you are an existing Learning Disabilities Friendly Practice in Hampshire, please fill out this yearly self-assessment to maintain your accreditation.

Please contact your local Strategic Health Facilitator if you would be interested in becoming Learning Disability Friendly GP Practice.


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