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The Learning Disability Single Point of Access is staffed by our clinicians on a rotational basis, and they will receive all new referrals, complete assessments by telephone, before passing the referral back to a local team for an agreed outcome.

We anticipate that this will improve our response time to service users across Hampshire and Southampton and enable consistency across our services.  

If you would like to talk to a member of the Learning Disability - Single Point of Access team prior to making a formal referral please contact us on 023 8231 9913 or email us


Postal Address

Learning Disabilty Service - Single Point of Access

Thomas Lewis House

236 Empress Road


SO14 0JY

Telephone Number       

023 8231 9913 

Email address 



We have introduced a Single Point of Access within the Learning Disability Service.

This means that all new referrals to the service now go to the Single Point of Access Team (rather than to your local community teams) for screening and to undertake the telephone assessment. The Single Point of Access Team consists of clinicians working from the local teams who will work on rota in the Single Point of Access Team. Administration support is also available. 

What has changed?

When making a new referral this will need to go to the Single Point of Access Team. The single point of access team will contact you by phone to undertake an assessment. If your referral is better helped by another service, we will provide you with relevant details and let you know.

What stays the same?

If your referral is accepted, your local team will contact you regarding your referral as they do now. 

Why have you changed?

We changed so that we can provide a more standardised approach to referrals across the service and provide a more timely response to referrals. By having all our referrals coming into one team we can see the demand for our services.


For more information please contact us on 023 8231 9913 or email learningdisabilityservices@southernhealth.nhs.uk




Before you make a referral please check:

  • Are up to date contact details available on the referral form? ​​​​​​

  • Have you checked consent – either the person has consented to the referral or it has been made in their best interests?

  • Details of their learning disability and support needs are evident and clear on the referral form? If there are supporting documents, please send these with the referral as this will help the referral process

  • Have you identified their health needs? What support is needed for the person’s health needs?

  • Have you included up to date risk information? And marked if there are concerns? 

If urgent please refer the person to their GP (in working hours) or 111, and if there is an immediate threat to life, please call 999.

If you need any help making a referral, please contact us on 02382 319 913 or email learningdisabilityservices@southernhealth.nhs.uk

Please use these forms to refer to the Learning Disability Service - Single Point of Access Team

Referral form

To make a referral on behalf of someone please complete this referral form. 

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Easy Read Referral Form 

To self refer to the service please use this form.

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