Specialist and Forensic Mental Health Services

Austen Houe

Our specialist mental health services - also known as 'secure services' or 'forensic services' - provide intensive support for adults and young people with mental health needs in a secure setting.

About the service

We have six inpatient specialist services, including services for children and adults. We also have a number of community services to support people outside of inpatient units.

Inpatient services:

  • Ashford: a purpose-built 10-bedded ward specifically for adult men with a learning disability who have been detained under the Mental Health Act. 
  • Austen House: a low secure, forensic mental health hospital that provides vital support for children and young people with specialist mental health needs.
  • Bluebird House: a medium secure, mental health inpatient unit, providing assessment, treatment and care for young people.
  • Leigh House: an acute adolescent psychiatric service providing inpatient treatment for young people aged 12 to 18 years.
  • Ravenswood House: a medium secure, forensic unit providing assessment, care and treatment for adults with serious mental illness.
  • Southfield: a low secure, forensic mental health inpatient service for people with serious mental illness who are aged 18-65 years.

Community services:

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