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You can find below a range of brief article about work we have been involved with.



In 2023, the UK Government released a new White Paper called "High stakes: gambling reform for the digital age". A White Paper is a position paper that sets out the Government intentions about future legislation. Members of the SGS joined forces with Professor Henrietta Bowden-Jones (National NHS Specialty Advisor for Gambling Disorder) to publish a peer-reviewed article in response. In it, we discuss welcome aspects of the proposals, but also to highlight key steps that need to be taken to help ensure the legislation is robust and leads to genuine reductions in gambling-related harms."

You can read the original Government white paper - High stakes: gambling reform for the digital age - here: High stakes: gambling reform for the digital age - GOV.UK (

You can read the peer reviewed response to the paper, which Southern Health Gambling Service contributed to, here: The UK Gambling White Paper: comments on implementation and timing - ScienceDirect


The International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) is an organisation that includes healthcare professionals from 93 countries. At the 2023 ISAM Conference in Marrakesh (Morocco), Dr Konstantinos Ioannidis from the Southern Gambling Service presented key findings on medication treatment of gambling disorder. His talk considered how medication can help with reducing impulsivity - a term that describes when people find it hard to resist urges. The symposium focused on brain processes that contribute to behavioural addictions, and also included researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) and the University of Cambridge (UK).


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