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Feedback from Hampshire and Isle of Wight STP

15 January 2020

 Sonya McLean, Mental Health Crisis Care Commissioning Manager from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Sustainability Transformation Partnership attended our report out on four of our rapid process improvement workshops in Decembers 2019, here is what she had to say...

RPIW report out December 2019

I thought it was important to provide you all with an update on some outstanding work that has been achieved across Southern this week as part of their QI programme.   

I was involved in Southern Health’s Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW), specifically for Southampton AMHT although there were numerous workshops taking place.

  1. AMHT Southampton 
  2. PSEH Single Point of Contact PSEH
  3. Hawthorns 2 - Parklands 
  4. Media and Communication Team 

The ‘report out’ meeting on today was outstanding, to hear all the teams talking about how they have been given the autonomy to review the clinical time provided, or lack of it, how their teams function, administration processes, the purpose and ethos of their teams, agreeing new names for service provision (with patient participation), wasted time evident within the team, better use of digital technology, their operational practices, system process and work with partner agencies. Putting our patients first! 

It is important to note that they had over 50 service users participating in these workshops using social media and physically taking part in the events. The teams were challenged in their thinking by the users of our services and system stakeholders, this has brought about change in each of these areas. 

Each team has a dedicated action plan with 30, 60, 90 and 180 day review points.  

Please may I ask that you liaise with your local area team to see what RPIW events are going on so that commissioners can be involved in this process.

I feel personally grateful to be part of SHFT QI programme, seeing the difference this is making to not only our patients, but the staff morale and of course commissioning of our mental health services. 

Many thanks. 

Kind regards

Sonya Mclean, Mental Health Crisis Care Commissioning Manager

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Sustainability Transformation Partnership

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