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Southern Health hosts Coeliac Disease awareness stall at Lymington Hospital


Southern Health hosts Coeliac Disease awareness stall at Lymington Hospital 

On Tuesday 14 May, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust are holding a Coeliac Disease awareness stall at the main reception of Lymington New Forest Hospital between 9am-1.30pm.


This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in, or suffering from, Coeliac Disease to learn more about the condition, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Gluten free snacks will also be available to try.


Coeliac disease is a common digestive condition where the small intestine becomes inflamed and unable to absorb nutrients. The disease caused by an immune response to gluten, a dietary protein found in three types of cereal: wheat, barley and rye, is often misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome.


Shirley James, Gastrointestinal Nurse Specialist at Southern Health, will be hosting the stall along with the Wessex Coeliac Group.  Shirley is passionate about the education surrounding the disease and its diagnosis.


 “I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to host this event and give guidance about the disease. It affects 1 in 100 people in the UK.  It is estimated that only 24% of these people are diagnosed which means that over three quarters of sufferers are unaware that they have it”


Everyone is welcome to come along, whether you think you may have symptoms, or even if you would just like to find out more, this is the perfect opportunity. You will be able to speak to people with the condition, learn more about their experiences, and ask any questions.”


For further details and to find out more, please contact Shirley James on 01590 663289 or email

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