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Meet Kathy Jackson

Meet Kathy Jackson, who finally joins the QI team for her secondment which was delayed by covid19.  

She’s been waiting to join the QI team since March and just as she handed her Head of Operations role to the PSEH Division  team to start her secondment, covid19 hit and she needed to return to her previous Division to clinically support the setting up of additional bed capacity in Woodcote Lodge, Gosport.  delaying her start with the QI Team. 


Kathy brings with her 36 years of nursing experience, both as a physical and mental health nurse, but mainly working in OPMH services – Inpatients, CMHT OPMH, OPMH Liaison in the Acute Hospital. She has worked clinically as Head of nursing and operationally as Head of Operations.   She’s been looking forward to her secondment as she truly values working alongside service users and carers.

She has had previous experience on our QI workshop, namely Berrywood Ward, from cohort 1, Elmleigh in June 2019 where she was one of the QI facilitators and worked alongside service users and front line staff to improve the lives of the patients.  She loves the QI philosophy of trying something out, testing it and looking to make improvements along the way.  She is particularly looking forward to supporting teams through the post covid19 era where we restart services, ensuring we don’t put back the waste, and reassess what’s important to both patients and front line staff. 

Most recently Kathy has been working with the PSEH Division to clinically lead the setting up of additional bed capacity in Woodcote Lodge, Gosport during the pandemic.

Welcome to the QI team Kathy, great to have your enthusiasm, clinical and organisational skills. 

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