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Integrated Intermediate Care - your chance to share your views

20 August 2019

A County-Wide Intermediate Care Service for Hampshire

Your chance to share your views

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Since Spring 2018, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and Hampshire County Council, have been working closely together to develop joined up Intermediate care services which is commissioned to be in place in 2020.

Intermediate care services aim to make the best possible use of our combined health and social care skills and resources so that we can provide a seamless, positive experience for individuals in need of support to enable them to remain as independent as possible. The creation of Hampshire-wide intermediate care service will bring together Hampshire County Council’s Reablement services and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust bed and community-based rehabilitation services.

Intermediate care services will provide support for a short time to help people recover and increase their independence. The service aims to include rehabilitation, reablement and recovery support for people over the age of 18 for up to six weeks (although typically most people complete their programme of support sooner). Intermediate care may help people:

  • remain at home when they start to find things more difficult
  • recover after a fall, an acute illness or an operation
  • avoid going into hospital unnecessarily
  • return home more quickly after a hospital stay. 

Wherever possible, intermediate care aims to take place within people’s homes, including supported living. Depending on the needs of the individual, intermediate care may also take place for short time in a community hospital or care home. 

We would like to hear your views
The official engagement period has now closed. However, if you have a particular question or would like share your views on our plans or specific areas of focus within the project we are keen to listen.

You can email your comments to Alternatively, you can write to:

Hampshire Together Team Hampshire County Council Elizabeth II Court South, Room 25 Winchester SO23 8UG

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