Managing medicines

Medicines management is essential to your care and ensure you are able to live your best life possible. 

We have a dedicated medicines management team who provide reliable, easy to access information on medicines and ensure their safe and effective use within Southern Health. 

Medicines information:
To help you make informed decisions about medicines, the Choice and Medication website includes information about medicines that are used in the treatment of mental health problems. This includes information about side effects and comparison of medicines used for various conditions. The NHS A-Z website provides information about common medicines used within the NHS and may also be useful. Your community pharmacist is also an expert on medicines and can help answer questions you may have about your regular medication.

The following information is provided for healthcare professionals, particularly GPs and prescribers, to help inform decisions around the management of medicines in mental health. 

There are Advanced Mental Health Specialist Pharmacists working in the following PCNs:

  • North and Mid Hampshire:
    • Andover
    • B-connected Care
  • South East Hampshire:
    • Strawberry Health
Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon SH CP 02 (MM) Managing Behaviour Problems in Patients with Dementia SH_CP_02_MM_Managing_Behaviour_Problems_in_Patients_with_Dementia_V4.pdf 06/09/2022 188.91 KB
PDF file icon SH CP 111 (MM) Antipsychotic guidelines SH_CP_111_MM_Antipsychotic_guidelines_V9_Feb_23.pdf 10/08/2022 364.70 KB
PDF file icon SH CP 113 (MM) - Shared Care Guidelines for Prescribing Lithium SH_CP_113_MM_-_Shared_Care_Guidelines_for_Prescribing_Lithium_V6.pdf 10/08/2022 353.01 KB
PDF file icon SH CP 114 (MM) - Clozapine Guidelines SH_CP_114_MM_-_Clozapine_Guidelines_V7.pdf 10/08/2022 1,110.91 KB
PDF file icon SH CP 136 (MM) Guideline for Treatment of Primary Insomnia SH_CP_136_MM_Guideline_for_Treatment_of_Primary_Insomnia_V4.pdf 05/07/2024 350.53 KB
PDF file icon SH CP 168 (MM) - Self-Administration of Medicines Guideline SH_CP_168_MM_-_Self-Administration_of_Medicines_Guideline_V5.pdf 26/09/2022 733.04 KB
PDF file icon SH CP 249 (MM) Physical Health Monitoring for Psychotropic Medication SH_CP_249_MM_Physical_Health_Monitoring_for_Psychotropic_Medication__V3.pdf 10/08/2022 245.74 KB
PDF file icon SH CP 250 (MM) - Psychotropic Medications during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding SH_CP_250_MM_-_Psychotropic_Medications_during_Pregnancy__Breastfeeding_V3.pdf 10/08/2022 209.50 KB
PDF file icon SH CP 58 (MM) Cholinesterase Inhibitors and Memantine Guideline SH_CP_58_MM_Cholinesterase_Inhibitors_and_Memantine_Guideline_V6.pdf 10/08/2022 197.41 KB

Queries about medicines:
If you have any questions about your medicines, please discuss them with the pharmacists who supplied them to you. If you are a patient or service user under our care, you should initially contact your health care professional, care coordinator or key worker who will be able to help you and can put you in contact with a clinical pharmacist if needed.

General enquiries:
You can contact the Medicines Management Team via
This route should not be used for anything that requires an urgent response.
For anything urgent please telephone Tel: 023 8087 4023

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the pharmacy service or concerns about controlled drug usage please contact:

Raj Shergill - Chief Pharmacist & Controlled Drugs Accountable officer
Tatchbury Mount
SO40 2RZ

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