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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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Pay and pensions

The NHS has a grading and pay system called ‘Agenda for Change’.

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Everyone directly employed by the NHS has their pay regulated using this system (apart from very senior managers and medical staff). It helps ensure fair pay across the NHS.

For the latest information on the different grades and rates of pay you can expect when working for the Trust, you can check the NHS Employers website.  

Joining the NHS pension scheme

When you join the Trust as an employee, you’ll automatically become a member of the pension scheme (unless you choose to opt out). The scheme offers some great benefits for both you and your family.

The scheme currently includes:

  • A pension linked to your pay and length of membership, as well as a tax free lump sum

  • Immediate life assurance from day one of your starting with the scheme  

  • Allowances and benefits for your family in the event of your death

  • Voluntary early retirement

You can get further detail about the scheme on the NHS Business Services Authority website or by calling 01253 774774.

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