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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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Meet Jenny and Lucy

Two nurses explain why they enjoy working in Southern Health's mental health division

Jenny Searles
Jenny Searles
Jenny Searles, 

Clinical Ward Manager, Antelope House

“My journey at Southern Health has been an enjoyable one and this is down to having real opportunities to progress. 

"I've received mentoring from senior staff around my own personal development and undertaken psychological therapy training, too.

“Southern Health is genuinely patient-centred, priding itself on training staff to develop knowledge and skills for use in everyday practice, to meet the needs of people in our care.”

Nurse Practitioner at Leigh House
Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark

Senior Nurse Practitioner, Leigh House (Winchester)

“When I saw a vacancy at Leigh House I jumped at the chance, it was a once in a lifetime chance to work at one of the best units in the country.”

“The team is here is very established – they’re so enthusiastic and passionate. It’s a really supportive environment to work in, with lots of opportunities. Since starting here I’ve learned more about physical health care as well as completing my DBT training. Senior staff see the potential in us, and always try to get the best from us with positive, constructive feedback.”

“There is a team development programme for new starters, and lots of internal, on-the-job training. We also have a great preceptorship programme.”

“I really enjoy working with families from admission through to discharge, and find the young people inspiring to work with. Being part of a person’s recovery is such a privilege and we really do make a difference, which gives a sense of pride and achievement that you don’t get everywhere.”