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About the Service

Our award-winning specialist team of Diabetes Nurses, Dietitians and Consultants work alongside people diagnosed with diabetes across West and North Hampshire. We aim to provide holistic care, supporting people who have been diagnosed to self-manage (where possible) and we link with other local specialist services such as italk, doctors surgeries and community care teams.

What We Do

We also have a large portfolio of diabetes education courses that can help people to understand their diagnosis and achieve their goals.  Whether you are living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, we have a range of courses and educational resources to support you. 

Newly Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes? 
When you are first diagnosed you will probably feel a whole mix of emotions. You will also have a lot of new things to learn and you may have a lot of questions to ask. You are welcome to phone or email for support and advice whenever you need any questions answered.

Type 1 Diabetes Education

This is short course we will invite you to if you have recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. You will meet other people recently diagnosed and be able to share your recent diagnosis experience and learn how to manage your diabetes effectively.  

On this longer course you will learn more about carbohydrates and how they affect glucose levels. We cover many aspects of managing your diabetes, including how to adjust your insulin for the carbohydrate you are eating, known as 'carbohydrate counting'. The course is run by our experienced Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Dietitians. 

Patch Together
If you meet NHS England’s criteria to have the Freestyle Libre on the NHS, we will invite you to this short online course. Please email us or contact your GP for more information.

Freestyle Libre webinars 
Our Freestyle Libre webinars look at ways to monitor your diabetes by using technology, such as glucose monitoring systems. Click here to find out more about Freestyle Libre by visiting their website. 

Type 2 Education 

New to Type 2 Diabetes
This course is for anyone who is has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes within the last 12 months. The course covers how you can best manage your type 2 diabetes, including dietary advice, exercise recommendations, foot care, advice on driving and the DVLA, and methods for achieving remission. You can attend the course online or face-to-face.

WISER Education
WISER education is for those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for more than a year. The session is led by Diabetes Educators and includes a recap on what diabetes is, symptoms and complications and how to manage and reduce these with lifestyle changes, how to improve your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and how to look after your feet. You can attend the course online or face-to-face.

Carbohydrate and Insulin Workshop
This is a short online course, ideally for people with type 2 diabetes on one or two insulin injections a day. You will learn how your insulin works and how to manage your diabetes effectively, understanding the causes of high and low glucose levels and how to manage this.  We also discuss insulin passports, safe driving on insulin, travel, illness and how to manage hypos.

Carbohydrate Counting Workshop
This is a short online course for anyone living with type 2 diabetes and on a basal-bolus insulin regime. 

How to Access These Courses
Your GP or Practice Nurse can sign you up to the course via e-referral. 

How to find us

Most of our appointments or training sessions are happening virtually. However, if your appointment is face to face the address will be outlined in your appointment letter.

West Hampshire:

1-3 Sterne Road, Tatchbury Mount, Calmore, SO40 2RZ

North Hampshire:

Unit 1, The Bullpens, Manor Court, Herriard, Basingstoke, RG25 2PH.


Contact information

Tel: 0300 003 0120 (9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and weekends) 

Option 1: Diabetes Specialist Nurses 

Option 2: Administration team and booking enquiries 

Please leave a message with your name, hospital number and contact number, if we are unable to get to your call. 

If you need urgent help out of hours, please call 111

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