Psychiatric Liaison service

About the service

therapy, consultation MH consultant.jpgOur Psychiatric Liaison teams are based across Hampshire's general hospitals and are on hand to help hospital staff detect and manage mental health conditions, while people are being treated for a physical illness.

What we do

Once you arrive at an Emergency Department you will be assessed by a nurse who might refer you to our Psychiatric Liaison Team. 

The team will then ask you questions to understand your mental health needs and, with your permisson, carry out a comprehensive assessment (including risk assessment) that will help to create a care plan. This can be completed in collaboration with your family or carer. 

Depending on whether you are known to services, and what your need is at the time, you will be provided with appropriate intervention, support and advice or referred to existing services. The service will facilitate early referral to appropriate specialist or community services for those patients requiring ongoing care.

Accessing the service

To access the Psychiatric Liaison service, please attend your closest Emergency Department (at the addresses above right). 

If you do not have a physical health condition that requires emergency medical treatment but need urgent mental health support please call '111' and speak to the Mental Health Triage Team.

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