Tpodiatry avalon house.jpghe podiatry service aims to provide high quality treatment and advice to help patients maintain independence and mobility, as well as reducing the risk of ulceration, infection and amputation in those at high risk of developing foot problems due to conditions such as diabetes.   

What we do

The podiatry service runs a number of clinics depending on the type of treatment required. These include:  

  • Foot protection: provides assessment and advice for diabetic patients who may be at high risk of developing foot complications such as ulceration.
  • Ulcer/tissue viability: the management of new and chronic wounds through assessment, dressings, infection control, offloading, and treatment such as debridement if necessary.    
  • Biomechanics/musculoskeletal podiatry: the assessment and diagnosis of acute or chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Treatment aims to reduce pain and other symptoms and can include exercises or the prescription of orthoses (insoles).
  • Nail surgery: for the treatment of painful in growing or pathological nails to provide a long-term solution involving partial or total removal of the nail under local anaesthetic.
  • Routine podiatry: the management of corns, callus, and pathological nails in patients who are at high risk of developing complications if these are left untreated, such as those with neurological or vascular conditions. Please note: the service is unable to provide ongoing routine podiatry care to low risk patients.
  • Domiciliary (home) visits: for patients eligible for podiatry care who are bed bound, require hoisting, or are temporarily too ill to travel to clinic for treatment.   

Accessing the service

If you are suffering from an ingrowing toenail you can self-refer to the service via our online self-referral form. Please only use this form if you are suffering from an ingrowing toenail - we cannot deal with other issues and this takes up our time from helping patients in need of assistance.

For all other issues please contact your GP or health care professional to request a referral - unfortunately we are unable to accept self-referrals for other issues.

If you are a health care professional you can refer a patient using the Podiatry referral form. If the patient is diabetic, please use the Diabetic foot referral pathway form.

Contact information

For Podiatry appointments and queries covering Alton, Andover, Eastleigh, Winchester and Basingstoke:
Telephone - 02382 313030


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