Occupational Therapy

About the service

Occupational Therapists are specialists in understanding the connection between everyday activities and your physical and mental health. They help solve problems to empower you and to enable you to take more control of your life. They want you to be able to get the most from life.

What we do

The Occupational Therapy service will work closely with you to identify what difficulties or problems you have, or may have, with everyday activities. It could be getting out of bed, washing yourself or preparing food. They can be the type of activities that many of us take for granted, but not being able to do them can have a big impact on your quality of life. 

Where possible, the team want to avoid you being admitted to hospital, and will provide treatment and support to help enable you to stay in your own home.

If you are currently in hospital, the team can make sure that you can be safely discharged, with the right support in place for when you’re ready to return home.

Some of the other ways Occupational Therapy can help may include:

  • Helping prevent you from falls or injuries   
  • Specialist management for people with long term conditions  
  • Providing specialist equipment to help with your everyday activities
  • Helping you manage tiredness (fatigue)
  • Help patients with their end-of-life care  

Accessing the service

To access occupational therapy please speak to your GP, health professional or care co-ordinator if you think occupational therapy may benefit you.

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