Mental Health Inpatient Services - Isle of Wight

About the service

sevanacres 2.jpgInpatient services are provided to meet the general mental health/psychiatric needs of the population of the Isle of Wight.
Acute Services are based within the Sevenacres unit which is based on the St Marys Hospital site.
Being sited on the general hospital site allows us to work closely with our other health colleagues to ensure that our patients full health needs can be met effectively and efficiently.

What we do

Sevenacres has three wards. All wards offer single room accommodation with shared en-suite facilities. The layout of the building and patient accommodation ensures that we are able ensure the privacy and dignity of those people whom we are treating. All ward areas have a programme of therapeutic activities and groups aimed at maximising peoples independence and ensuring that they have the chance to learn new skills to assist in their recovery.
Visiting hours are Monday - Friday 6pm-8pm
Saturday and Sunday 2pm-4pm & 6pm-8pm


Afton Ward
Afton Ward is an 8 bedded unit based within Sevenacres. We support patients from two cohorts currently. Patients who have a Dementia Diagnosis, and patients who have a significant Functional Mental Health Diagnosis.
Since Mid-February 2023, we have been involved in a Pilot where the Trust is providing dedicated inpatient beds for patients with Dementia and who require care within a safe environment. The patients are also supported by staff from the Dementia Outreach Team who visit regularly and gatekeep the beds for this particular group. 
Our ward environment is felt to be more homely and not overly clinical, to make patients feel safe and calm. We look to innovation and are open to trying new ways of engaging with our patient group, this includes ways of reducing restrictive practice and providing more personalised care. Previously we have run an intergenerational project between our ward and a local primary school, and currently using virtual reality as an alternative activity on the ward to see how this can improve our patient’s experience.

Osborne Ward
Is an 16 bedded ward which primarily caters for people under the age of 65 requiring inpatient care. The ward offers a full programme of group based treatments, which patients are expected to engage with during their stay on the ward.

Seagrove Ward 
Seagrove ward is a 6 bedded psychiatric intensive care unit which care for people who may require a more intensive treatment  regime to meet their mental health needs. The unit offers a range of activities to patients in order to engage them in their treatment and recovery. The unit has an Electroconvulsive Therapy Treatment Clinic (ECT). This ensures that we can offer this life-saving treatment to patients in a safe and efficient way. This service has been nationally accredited as “Excellent” by the national regulating body.
The Home Treatment team is based within the Sevenacres unit and act as an alternative to hospital wherever possible, ensuring through a  ‘gatekeeping’ process that the least restrictive practice is considered.  The team provide care for a person who may be in mental health crisis or are experiencing changes in their mental health illness in their own home where admission would usually be indicated and considered safe to do so.  They also help to facilitate a person’s discharge from hospital when a person is on the road to recovery.  

Accessing the service

Access to the service is by referral only. 

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