Impulsive and Compulsive Disorder Service

get involved.jpgThe Clinic for Impulsive and Compulsive Disorders offers specialist assessment, treatment and advice for impulsive, compulsive and behaviourally-addictive conditions. The Southern Health service operates in collaboration with the University of Southampton.

About the service

The team supports adults aged 18 to 65, who are under secondary care in Southern Health, and likely to remain so for at least the next six months.

The service provides support where specialist diagnosis and/or medication treatment advice is needed for one or more of the following suspected (or known) disorders:

  • Hair pulling disorder (trichotillomania)
  • Skin picking disorder (excoriation disorder)   
  • Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - patient must have had an ADHD diagnosis during childhood or adolescence to be referred    
  • Gambling disorder   
  • Kleptomania (compulsive stealing disorder). 

What we do

Initial diagnostic and treatment advice assessment 
We provide a single assessment, with recommendations for management and treatment to the patient’s mental health team. We ask patients to complete a questionnaire pack prior to attending a face-to-face assessment at College Keep (sometimes this can be a video-call or telephone assessment).    
Follow-up treatment advice for patients previously seen through the service
Follow-up advice is initiated via a re-referral. This would typically involve a review of case notes and telephone discussion with the patient’s secondary care consultant.

Accessing the service

Access to the service is by referral only and patients must already be accessing secondary mental health care (for example, a community mental health team). If a patient meets the criteria, the referrer will:

  • inform the patient's GP of the referral
  • ensure the patient has consented to the referral and is willing to be contacted by our service, including via telephone and email
  • ensure the patient is aware and has consented to completing a pre-assessment questionnaire securely over the internet (this can be completed via post if preferred)
  • inform the patient that the service is a research clinic, and ask if they agree to being contacted about research studies by our service (participation in a particular study is voluntary and all research is ethically approved).

Please note, you cannot self-refer to this service.

How to find us

Address: College Keep, 4-12 Terminus Terrace, Southampton, SO14 3DT

Contact information
Further information

If you are a medical professional (or part of a team supporting a patient who meets the criteria and could benefit from the service), you can obtain a short referral form by emailing Mary Houston:

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