Falls Prevention Service

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About the service

The Falls Prevention team provides advice on how to prevent falls to patients, health care professionals and nursing homes across Hampshire. 

What we do

Balance Classes
The team host a series of virtual strength and balance classes that run over a course of 12 weeks. The classes are run via Zoom or face to face that work on elements of strength, balance as well as including educational talks about thing you can do to prevent falls such as; hydration, medication and environments.

Falls Friends talks 
Falls Friends talks are run by Southern Health, Hampshire County Council and the Hampshire Fire and Rescue service. The talks explain the causes falls and how to reduce your risk of falling (or someone you care for).  To book a place please call 01489 587436 or email specialistfallsteam@southernhealth.nhs.uk

Information for healthcare professionals
The Falls Prevention team run 'Slips, Trips and Falls' training for all health care professionals dealing with patients known to be at risk of falling.  Whether you are part of the Trust or work as part of a local care home you can contact the team directly to arrange a bespoke session. 

Accessing the service

To access this service, please speak to your GP for a referal into the falls team or local community care team.

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