End of Life Care

end of life care pictures.jpgWe are committed to supporting patients requiring End of Life care to die in a place of their choosing. For many people this is in the comfort of their own homes and our Community Care Teams will help patients and their loved ones to achieve this. 

We are passionate about providing you with the best possible care and working with you, your family and carers to ensure you needs and wishes are met. Our patient and services users are at the centre of everything we do and this is critical when providing end of life care. 

What we do

We support patients in receiving the care they want and help them identify what that care looks like, where and how it will be delivered.  We also discuss important decisions, including whether they wish to receive treatments such as resuscitation or organ donation. We work alongside, and signpost, to several voluntary organisations that can help people to find help and advice about their condition.

We are guided by the National Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care and our staff take part in specialist training to ensure they have the right skills to support you during this time. We have developed our End of Life care strategy which outlines our six ambitions:

  • Seeing you as an individual 

  • Ensuring that you get fair access to care 

  • Maximise your comfort and wellbeing 

  • Approach your care in a coordinated way 

  • All staff are prepared to care 

  • Work with the local community to promote care for the dying.

Our Community Care Teams (District Nurses) work closely with GPs to ensure all your health care needs are met. This includes pain control, pressure area care, psychological support and a variety of other needs that may arise.

We may also work with Social Services and local hospices to ensure the right support is provided.

Accessing the service

You can access end of life care through: 

  • our community hospitals
  • our Community Care Teams
  • our Community Specialist palliative care team, based at Rowans Hospice (available to South East Hampshire locality).
Further information

Trust End of Life Care Leads 

Lynne Hunt, Non-Executive Lead

Julia Lake, Deputy Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals

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