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Childrens therapy image1.pngThe Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service works with children who need therapeutic interventions because of swallowing difficulties, or complex medical and communication needs.

What we do

We provide specialist advice, assessment and intervention for children who have difficulties with understanding, interacting with others, attention and listening, talking, speech sounds, voice disorders, hearing difficulties and stammering.

We run education and training sessions to professionals to help support children’s communication needs.

In addition to our community service, we provide input to the Children’s Ward and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and offer a Videofluoroscopy Swallow Study Clinic (VFSS).

We see children individually and in group settings. Your Speech and Language Therapist will refer your child to a specific group or clinic depending on their age and needs. Please see below the groups we currently provide:

Little Talkers
Our Little Talkers Group is an opportunity to review your child’s communication and interaction skills. The group supports parents/carers to use targeted strategies to promote and develop your child’s communication and interaction skills.

Sparkle Groups
The Sparkle therapy group is for children with additional needs. The group aims are for supporting and developing early communication skills such as shared attention, interaction and turn-taking skills as well as development of understanding and expressive communication skills through play. It runs monthly in different family centres across the island.

This intervention group focuses on developing your child’s attention skills. Through a four-stage process, children learn to develop their attention skills within a small group. Stage 1 is inspiring their attention, stage 2 is extending their attention, stage 3 is shifting their attention and taking turns and stage 4 is transitional attention when they will take and activity to the table to complete.

Speech and Language Therapy & Dietetic Feeding Clinic
Depending on your infant or child’s needs, you may be offered a one-to-one appointment with the speech and language therapist and dietitian or referred directly to our parent workshop.

Videofluoroscopy Swallow Study Clinic
A videofluoroscopy is a moving X-ray that looks at your child’s swallowing in detail. It is conducted by a speech and language therapist and radiographer in hospital. Your child’s speech and language therapist will determine if this assessment is necessary, based on their clinical assessment findings.

How to find us

Speech and Language Therapy, Children’s Therapies, St Mary’s Hospital, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5TG

Contact information

Telephone: 01983 534502

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