Southampton Autism Assessment Service

About the service

We provide a diagnostic assessment service for adults, who are registered with a Southampton City General Practitioner, who may have autism.

The service is for people over the age of 18 years old that do not have a learning disability. People with a learning disability can access our Trust's learning disability services.

What we do

Our Autism service provides a diagnostic assessment service for adults who may have Autism. The team also provides family, staff and organisations with advice and information and can make referals to other health and social care services on your behalf. 

The service holds a monthly meeting where each referral is discussed before putting them on our waiting list. If you're not eligible for support from our services, we will always try to offer you advice on where you can get help.

You will receive an appointment letter within two to four weeks before your initial appointment, at which we start the assessment process. The assessment process typically consists of an initial appointment and a feedback appointment in which we provide you with a comprehensive assessment report detailing the outcome of the assessment. In a few cases, we may need to complete two/three assessment appointments.

Health and Social Care professionals can send referrals to our office address or team email using this referral form. 


Accessing the service

Our service accepts referrals from GP's, health care professionals and social services for individuals registered with a Southampton GP.

How to find us

Thomas Lewis House, 236 Empress Road, Southampton, SO14 0JY

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