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Complaints and Patient Experience

We always welcome your feedback – whether it is positive or negative, we would like to know.

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust is committed to the Complaints Regulations

However, the NHS is facing unprecedented challenges relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic at the current time.  Understandably, our resources have been diverted to support our front-line colleagues who are working tremendously hard to provide care for our patients, and to those in need of our services.

We are currently unable to confirm when your complaints will be investigated as a lot of our investigating officers are working within a clinical setting and therefore have been redeployed to help where required.  We apologise for this position in advance and will continue to keep you updated and will look into your concerns / complaint as soon as possible.


If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our services, we would really like to hear from you. Please contact us. You can call us (9-5pm Mon-Fri) on 02382 311200 or click the drop-down bar on the right to view other ways to get in touch.



Any concerns that you have are often best dealt with when they arise. We would encourage you to explain your problem to a member of staff in the first instance. In many cases, it should be possible to sort out the problem straight away by talking to the person you have already been dealing with, or perhaps their manager. 

However, as a service user, relative or carer, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for free, confidential, and timely help or advice. 

We can help you to resolve any concerns that you may have about the care and treatment provided, at an early stage. 



As a Trust, we appreciate how important feedback is and just as we like to know when things go wrong, it is also helpful to know when we are doing things well.

This not only helps boost staff morale and motivation, but also allows us to identify which areas are doing better than others. We can then try to replicate that practice across other areas of the Trust.

If you are pleased with the service you have received, we ask you to either let the staff know directly, or to contact us.


As a Trust, we take complaints very seriously. All complaints are treated in confidence. We aim to resolve complaints quickly and fairly and will try to rectify any mistake or misunderstanding straight away. 

It is helpful if you make a complaint as soon as possible after the event, in order to enable us to investigate the issues effectively. Complaints are not kept in healthcare records and will not affect ongoing or future treatment in any way. 

Comments, thoughts & feedback request

NEW! Business case for a Patient and Carer Advice and Liaison Service (PALs)

Within the Patient and Public Engagement team, we are developing a business case for a PALs service within the Trust. The purpose of the PALs team is to pick up the support and advice for patients, their families and carers who have concerns or problems within our Trust services but would prefer not to go down the formal complaints route. Alternatively, people may just wish to share their experiences with us. The PALs team will be a group of staff who are impartial, supportive and empathetic to the needs of patients and carers within the Trust. We are looking for comments, thoughts and feedback from our staff, patients, carers and the public in the form of a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). To share your thoughts, please visit the following link to our ideas board To add your comments, click the little green + symbol next to the relevant section. Deadline for comments: 25th September 2020.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us to aid with our business case.

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