Quality Improvement Training

We have lots of training opportunities available at Southern Health. The training courses we offer fall under the following headings:

  • Introduction to QI
  • QI Olympics
  • Value and Waste
  • Bitesize Training
  • Certified QI Leader

Take a look below to learn more about some of the different types of QI training courses we offer. Visit the QI page on the Staff Portal for further information on future course dates, course types and how to book.

We have developed a hierarchy of training levels, which can be attained by undertaining our various training courses. These levels, along with the desired numbers at each level across the Trust are:


QI coaches.jpgCoaches (6)
We have a central team of expert QI Coaches - responsible for coordinating and promoting the quality improvement approach and embedding QI culture.

QI Certified Leaders (60)
We have trained a number of QI Certified Leaders who are able to lead teams to deliver service transformation and small-scale change projects.


QI Practitioners (600)
We offer training courses for all staff in the form of "bitesize" QI methodology to equip staff with the tools to be able to carry out their own smaller scale QI projects within their teams. This can be offered as part of a team development day using our QI Olympics package.


QI Foundation (6000)
We want everyone in the Trust to know they are expected to identify and undertake improvements as part of their role. We want to inform them through regular communications and promotion of quality improvement including conferences, website and social media.

We seek to involve service users and carers in all of the Quality Improvement work that we do. Whether that is simply asking for feedback and consultation, or fully involved in the development and delivery of improvement. No matter how small or large, service user and carer involvement is paramount to our Quality Improvement work.

QI Training

We have lots of training opportunities available at the Trust. Take a look below to see how you can get involved.


Introduction to Quality Improvement at Southern Health

Want to know more about Southern Health's QI programme? Keen to understand what QI is and how you can get involved? Have a QI idea and don't know where to start? Then the Introduction to QI training is for you! See below for more information on the training that you can attend. Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details.

We look forward to welcoming you to any of the training listed below: 

Date                   Time                       Link to Join

02/10/2023    14:00-15:00                 Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details

24/10/2023    12:00-13:00                 Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details  

09/11/2023     11:00-12:00                 Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details 

22/11/2023     14:00-15:00                 Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details  

04/12/2023     11:00-12:00                 Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details 

19/12/2023     14:00-15:00                 Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details  

05/01/2024     12:00-13:00                 Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details  

15/01/2024     12:00-13:00                 Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details  

31/01/2024     15:00-16:00                 Please visit the Staff Portal for joining details  


QI Olympics (team development day)

Quality improvement can appear to be complex and shrouded in mysterious language, but actually is often about taking a step back and having time to think through issues and how we can improve them.

The QI Olympics is a 1 day programme designed to introduce some of the basics of quality improvement, helping you identify opportunities to improve the way that you work, and to ensure the services we deliver are focussed on delivering true value to our patients.

Delivered as a team away day, investing in our staff to have time to relax and view their work from a different perspective.  The QI Olympics is an enjoyable way to learn about quality improvement and have the space and time to think about how to make things better.

The day is an opportunity for a group of people to undertake tasks which illustrate QI concepts and apply these to their circumstances, discovering what they are able to change to deliver a better outcome. Being Olympic themed, there is a competitive element with each of the tasks being tackled in small teams and points awarded for the most successful completion and bonus points available for the change ideas being generated...At the end of the day, who will top the podium and take the gold medal?

Get in touch to find out more! QI@southernhealth.nhs.uk


Value and Waste

As part of the ABC Clinical Commitment, we have developed a drop in session to help you on your Quality Improvement journey and to help you understand value and waste.

One of the requirements to deliver contribution is to tackle excessive workloads and removing non-value adding (waste) activities but how do we do this if we do not know what these activities are? This is where understanding Value and Waste from a Quality Improvement perspective is helpful. To improve our knowledge of Value and Waste the QI team are providing a number of drop in seminars to explain this to staff and to encourage conversations about how to remove non-value adding activities, which, in itself assists with tackling excessive workloads.

Please find a list of QI workshops below - you do not have to book into any of these, just join on the day!

Date                   Time

10/10/2023     10:00 - 12:00   Click here to join the meeting

10/11/2023     11:00 - 13:00   Click here to join the meeting

07/12/2023     10:00 - 12:00   Click here to join the meeting

16/01/2024     14:00 - 16:00   Click here to join the meeting


Bitesize Training


How to do QI

This workshop is for any SHFT employee who wishes to learn how to undertake a quality improvement project but does not know how to get started or what steps to take. This training session will lead you through the processes and help you to design and implement your improvement idea. It is best suited to less complex situations and is intended to be a beginners guide. Attendees should think of a suitable problem to work on during the session.

Please head to LEaD to book your place on this course. This will run approximately every 4/5 weeks. check back here as more dates are added. 

     Date                   Time

29/09/2023         09:00 - 12:00      Virtual

19/10/2023         10:00 - 13:00      Virtual 

07/11/2023         11:00 - 14:00      Virtual

06/12/2023         13:30 - 16:30      Virtual

03/01/2024         13:00 - 16:00      Virtual

23/01/2024         09:00 - 12:00      Virtual


Observation Training

If you are already a quality improvement (QI) certified leader looking for a refresher, or brand new to QI, this training will give you the information you need to plan and undertake some meaningful observations to support quality improvement in your team. To attend these sessions please book via LEaD SH-VT2471

     Date                   Time

17/10/2023             12:00-15:00       Virtual

14/11/2023             13:00-16:00       Virtual

12/12/2023             10:00-13:00       Virtual 

12/01/2024             11:00-14:00       Virtual

Observation Buddy group - Optional drop in

If you've already attended the observation training, or are a quality improvement (QI) certified leader, dial into the observation buddy group for opportunities to practice your skills and get some coaching!


Leading Quality Improvement

Understand the role a manager can have in creating the right environment for Quality Improvement to thrive. 

Please head to LEaD to book your place on this course.

     Date                      Time     

04/12/2023         13:00-16:00       Virtual

09/02/2024         09:00-12:00       Virtual 


Service user and carer involvement in improvement! 

Are you embarking on some Quality Improvement work and want to involve service users and carers? Then this course is for you! Our “expert by experience’s” are running some bitesize sessions to help support and encourage you to involve service users and carers in all of your improvement work. The idea of the session is to increase your confidence in how to do this effectively and meaningfully, ensuring that it is not a tick box exercise.

As a trust, we want coproduction to be a cornerstone of all improvement work, so we hope that this session will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of how to do this in a way that people are brought along for the whole journey. We will take some time to look at potential barriers as well some top tips.

     Date                   Time

12/10/2023          10:00-12:00      Click here to book on LEaD

16/11/2023          12:00-14:00      Click here to book on LEaD

06/12/2023          09:00-11:00      Click here to book on LEaD

11/01/2024          10:00-12:00      Click here to book on LEaD



Certified QI Leader Training

This is our flagship training course and takes place over several days. Certified QI Leader training equips those who complete the course with the neccessary skills to become a QI Leader, and teaches the fundamental core principles of Quality Improvement.

Quality Improvement Olympics

Our QI Olympics training is an 'off the shelf' package that takes the form of an away day for teams, introducing the basics of QI through a series of fun interactive activities and games. QI Olympics aims to make learning about QI fun!

Swimlane Diagrams

Swimlane diagrams are an important part of some of our training courses. These diagrams allow teams to plot out pathways and learn how to streamline the services they offer, while also encouraging discussion and teamwork.

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