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Love them or loathe them, mandatory training courses are a necessity when joining a new organisation. Whether it’s brushing up on the intricacies of fire safety, records management or more specialist role-based training, mandatory training courses are something we must all engage with.

But what if you are transferring from another organisation and have already completed numerous mandatory training courses? The option exists for completed courses to be brought with you into your LEAD Online account, but prior to the advent of Danny Hayter’s ‘Passporting Project,’ this process required several hours’ worth of manual work.

After successfully completing a QI Olympics event hosted by the Southern Health Quality Improvement team, Danny took it upon himself to investigate a way to streamline the Inter-Authority Transfer (IAT) process for colleagues moving to Southern Health from another NHS organisation, so that data pertaining to mandatory training courses could be efficiently transferred.

Prior to the Passporting Project’s inception, it would require several hours of manual data entry being undertaken in order to update individuals’ accounts, and with staff workloads in the LEAD team already high, this led to a mounting backlog. When thinking about this in terms of removing burdens on staff and waste within a lean system, the manual entry of mandatory training records leads to over processing and waiting for records to be updated, as well as the strain placed on the team to manually enter the data. A further risk was the potential introduction of human error when manually inputting this data.

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LEAD Digital Learning Officer Danny Hayter said: “Prior to the Passporting Project being implemented, the task of manually entering staff records was quite laborious and meant a member of our team would have to spend hours of their week entering data. A result of the QI Olympics training, the Passporting Project essentially removes that burden and gives us that time back to work on other tasks.”

The Passporting Project introduced automated data transformation, removing the need for a member of the LEAD Digital team to manually enter individual records. A further benefit was the introduction of an online form, which allows staff whose training data is not received via Inter-Authority Transfer to enter details of courses completed and upload electronic versions of certificates gained. Combined, these processes have eased the burden on LEAD staff, releasing two to three hours per week and reduced the risk of errors at the point of input due to the automation of the transfer process.

If you’d like to find out how implementing QI can help your team remove waste and improve working practices; or if you'd like to attend a QI Olympics, please contact the QI team.

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