Suicide Prevention: Do you know where to go for help?

1 September 2023

We have created digital and printable assets for the campaign: Do you know where to go for help?

We aim to publicise the support locally and nationally to anyone who is having suicidal thoughts or for anyone who knows someone who is having suicidal thoughts know where to go for help. Please share the below assets far and wide to get the message out, it's ok to not be ok. 

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We have created digital and printable assets for the campaign: Do you know where to go for help?

The designs have been created with feedback from people with lived/living experience of suicide, making sure they are inclusive, as well as making sure they are clear to read in moments of crisis.

The Life Card is free to download below and available to order for free for a limited amount of time for all public and third sector organisations. If you would like to order some, please contact: 


This year World Suicide Prevention Day is on Sunday 10 September and we will be sharing videos of people with lived experience and publicising our Life Cards throughout September. One of our key aims focuses on sharing vital information regarding suicide prevention so people know where to go for help if they, or someone they know, is feeling suicidal. 

Do you know where to go for help?

This campaign was inspired by people with lived experience who told us that, despite having been affected by suicide personally or by losing a loved one, they still wouldn’t know where to go for help if they, or if someone they knew had suicidal thoughts.

Our videos:

Life Cards

We have refreshed our Life Cards, with the help of over 100 people, with lived experience and staff, to make sure that people have quick access to life saving organisations, apps and resources that can offer them help and support if they or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Life cards signpost to key organisations that offer advice, help and support to people who are having suicidal thoughts or to someone who is worried about someone they know having suicidal thoughts. They also link to our webpage via the url and QR code that lists organisations on the card and signposts to local help and support in Hampshire.

All organisations on the life cards are approved by Grassroots suicidal prevention charity.

The cards are credit card sized so they can discreetly fit in your wallets, phone pouches, card holder’s pockets or bags. This means that people can have direct access to advice, help and support when they need it.  They have been created with the input and feedback of over 100 people with lived experience as well as clinical and non-clinical staff.

Life Card_FRONT.png

Front of the life card

The front of the card is simple and just mentions ‘Life Card’ so it is discreet– it does not mention suicide so it can be put face up in wallets, card holders or phone pouches.



Back of the cardsLife Card_BACK.png

On the back of the card is vital information aimed to signpost people to key tools and organisations that can offer support and advice to anyone who needs it.

One side focuses on prevention and all organisations and apps listed are approved by Grass Roots Suicide Prevention, a charity that supports communities to prevent suicide.

These are:

  • The stay alive app:

This app is a pocket suicide prevention resource for the UK, packed full of useful information and tools to help you stay safe in crisis. You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide. In addition to the resources, the app includes a safety plan, customisable reasons for living, and a LifeBox where you can store photos that are important to you. You can also read the tips on how to stay grounded when you’re feeling overwhelmed, try the guided-breathing exercises and support your own wellness by creating your own interactive Wellness Plan. The app links you directly to local and national crisis resources, so you won't need to carry around slips of paper with contact details on, it's all stored there within the app. If the resource isn't listed, simply add in your own.

  • Training videos from Zero Suicide Alliance UK

Free training videos for anyone who is feeling suicidal or is worried about anyone else who is feeling suicidal and gives you help, advice and teaches you the vital lifesaving skills needed to help anyone who is feeling suicidal.

  • Hub of hope

The Hub of Hope is a first of its kind, national mental health database which brings together organisations and charities, large and small, from across the country who offer mental health advice and support, together in one place. Just type in your post code and it will identify key organisations and support in your area.

Information on the other side of this card offers prevention in a crisis.

These are:

  • NHS 111
  • Samaritans
  • Shout a 24/7 first free 24/7 text service for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere. It's a place to go if you're struggling to cope and you need immediate help
  • Papyrus a text, e-mail or telephone service for young people to access confidential suicide prevention advice
  • 999 for a life-threatening emergency.

Hampshire based life cardsLife Card_Hampshire_DIGITAL_PNG.png

We have also produced some cards that offer help and support to services only available to people living in Hampshire – these are digital only but please feel free to use across your channels.

This is:

  • Text ‘HANTS’ which is the Hampshire wide keyword from the charity SHOUT.

How do you get your life cards?

Cards are free for a limited period and depending on demand. They are cheap to purchase, and we are also happy to give you the digital version of the card to link to your own webpages (you can find the digital versions down below). If you would like to order some, please send an e-mail to our external print company at:

Please add your service/organisation, a contact, a delivery address and the number of cards you wish to order and make sure to note ‘Life Cards’ in the email.

Please do not rebrand the cards – we have deliberately kept the branding generic using the NHS lozenge so any organisation can use them. The web address on them links to our help in crisis page offering help and advice for anyone who is feeling suicidal or worried about someone they know who is feeling suicidal.  

Any questions on ordering Life Cards please email: 

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