Lights, camera, action - compelling videos to raise awareness of health issues

Second year TV production students from Solent University, Southampton have been working with NHS staff and patients from Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a set of videos focussing on raising awareness of health issues. 

For the third year running we have been working with Solent University 2nd year TV production students on a series of films focussing on the subject of reducing stigma in mental health.  We gave them a set of briefs around working in mental health,  patient and staff stories, raising awareness of our services and signposting for those needing support. The films have been created through a collaboration between the university students, our staff and our service users and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for participating and producing these.

Nine highly creative videos have been produced featuring subjects such as maternal mental health, sexual health, cyberbullying, suicide awareness, 111 mental health services as well as recruitment videos for nursing.   As well as providing real-world learning opportunities for the students, the experience has also given the students an insight in mental health and the services available for people in Southampton and across Hampshire. 

The results are not only an excellent example of real-world learning for the students, but highly creative films that we will be using on our communications channels to deliver important messages around health awareness.

The following videos have all been produced by Solent University students studying BA Hons in Post-Production for Film and TV in partnership with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Being a nurse in the NHS
In response to a brief to raise awareness of more male nurses, the students have come up with the concept that nurses never stop caring, whatever else they do.

1 in 5 children aged between 10 and 15 have experienced cyberbullying. 66% of children do not report cyberbullying because they think “it doesn’t matter” Zariyan, aged 13, has written a letter to his cyberbully and here it is. Thank you Zariyan.

Demystify Sex
Responding to a brief about talking about sex to appeal to teenagers, the team have devised a true or false sex myth buster session.

111 Mental Health Triage Team 
Aimed specifically at the growing student population in Hampshire, this video is based on a real call - every call is different. Get the support you need by calling 111.

Lara’s Story
Warning, the following film contains reference to suicide that some viewers may find distressing.

Thank you to Lara for sharing her story of facing suicidal thoughts and how she recovered from these and moved on with her life with the help of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Family Nurse Partnership
Hear from Laura how when she became pregnant at 19 she was referred to the Family Nurse Partnership service at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to offer her support during her pregnancy, birth and the first few years with her daughter Ayida.

If you’re gonna have sex today
Responding to a brief about talking about sex to appeal to teenagers - here's a song written and performed by James, Sam, Callum and Ben - talking about "if you are gonna have sex today" and how to stay safe.

Working in CAMHS
Working with children in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health service can be very rewarding. Hear what staff and youth ambassadors have to say about the work they do.

Knowing Me Knowing You
Hear from Christina about the change she experienced after having her son and the help she sought from the Knowing Me Knowing You programme - there to support them with anxiety and depression and find ways forward. Thank you Christina for sharing your story.

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