Pride 2022

16 June 2022

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Our Trust will be supporting Pride this June by raising awareness of LGBT+ community issues and focusing on the theme of intersectionality. 

We would like to engage patients, staff and stakeholders to discuss and proactively acknowledge the unique inequalities the LGBT+ community can face. We will be focusing on raising awareness of individuals who have unique experiences of being marginalised and discriminated against because of their intersectionality.

What is Intersectionality? 

Intersectionality is the balance between the different pieces that make us who we are and the singular lived experience that comes as a result. Coined in 1989 by Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw to refer to impact of simultaneous racial and gender discrimination, and now widely applied within many social justice spaces, intersectional theory gives language to the layers that make up each of us, uncovers where they meet and highlights how we then experience the world as a result.

What’s happening this month?

Each week we will be releasing a soundbite via SHP (Southern Health Podcast), a part of the Rainbow Table Talk series about what it means to view Pride with intersectionality in mind. We will be sharing stories from individuals with lived experience, mental health support and sharing details of the Southampton and New Forest Pride events.

At the end of the month, we will be hosting a ‘Rainbow Table Talk’, a chat discussing LGBT+ issues, with like-minded people.

As a Trust we stand for diversity and inclusion; we are committed to finding ways to provide the best healthcare with acceptance, equality and without stigma.

“While Pride is a celebration of the LGBT+ community, it is also a protest, and intersectional Pride continues the fight for LGBT+ rights, as well as the rights of all marginalised communities.”

Watch or listen to the Rainbow Table Talk series from SHP (Southern Health Podcast):

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