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Enhancing active life and Living well: The IDEAL study

Principal Investigator: Dr. Saif Sharif

Study Coordinator:       Dr. Lena Azbel-Jackson

We would like to invite you to take part in a research project that aims to find out what it means to 'live well' whilst experiencing changes in memory or other changes. We would like to speak to people who have attended NHS clinics and who are living with these kinds of changes, and to those close to them. This will help us to identify what helps people to live well or what makes it difficult to live well in this situation. The information we gain will be used to show how policy and practice could change in order to help more people to live well in this situation.

Everyone who takes part in the study will be visited at home by a researcher. If they agree to take part, the first visit will happen soon afterwards to check they are ready to take part and to answer some initial questions. Following this we will arrange two other visits to their home. At these visits, the researcher will ask them to complete some questionnaires and some measures of mental fitness. Each of these visits should last no more than 2 hours. With their consent, the researcher will also ask a family member/friend to complete some questionnaires at the same time. We would like to return to see them again one year and two years after our first visits.

Some of the people taking part in the study will also be asked to take part in an interview with another researcher who will ask more open questions about their experiences. This would be audio-recorded and then printed out. If they agree to be interviewed we will remove any information that could identify them from the print-out. 

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