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#Caretojoinus at our OPMH wards

We are looking for mental health nurses to come and join our OPMH wards.

We have vacancies across our main locations:

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Mental health and emotional well-being are as important in older age as at any other time of life.  With increasing rates of Dementia we are passionate about providing the best mental health care for the people we treat with our specialist services.

Our aim is to provide high quality integrated care and to work collaboratively with our patients to support their recovery making a positive difference to their health, well-being and independence. Working with our patients and their families and carers we are providing bespoke care plans centred around their needs and wishes.

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Meet Beth. She tells us about why she works in Dementia care:  

"I qualified in 2015 after training in London and moved to Bristol before finally ending up in Southampton. I fell into working with the elderly as I needed money to support me whilst at University, so I started working in a care home at weekends and evenings. 

"As soon as I started to care for people with dementia I immediately fell in love with it, I then had a placement on an OPMH ward and out in the community which really confirmed this was an area I saw myself working in once I qualified. 

"Dementia is such an important topic and there is so much research and development going into not only curing dementia but how to get the best outcome and manage dementia day to day. It’s incredibly interesting to be working with older people.

"I remember writing an essay about recovery at University and thinking that recovery means so many different things but for dementia patients it means giving them a better quality of life by minimising the effects of dementia so they can be at home or in a nursing home.

"There is a misconception that all we do is personal care, there is so much happening on an older peoples ward and I can honestly say I am never bored or dread going to work. My patients need me and rely on me and it is so incredibly rewarding helping them to become less confused and look and feel like themselves again.

"I have just started my masters in Dementia and eventually I would like to become an Admiral Nurse. I really hope more nurses consider a career in Older People’s Mental Health, I would love to meet anyone considering a move and answer any questions they may have." 

If Beth has inspired you - why not check out our vacancies on the right.        

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Western Community Hospital


Gosport War Memorial Hospital


Parklands Hospital, Basingstoke


Talk to our recruitment team about the roles available on 023 8047 5160.