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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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At Southern Health we provide specialist support to adults with learning disabilities in the community and our inpatient services. We work closely with local councils to provide services in Hampshire. In Southampton, we run this service independently, but still work closely with Southampton City Council.

Watch this video and discover why you might like to join our learning disability team.

We have Assessment and Treatment units which provide a range of therapeutic interventions for people who have a learning disability, and also have complex and difficult to manage behaviours which can't be assessed or treated safely in community-based settings. We also have a unique Sensory integration Suite, which can help staff identify some of the difficulties people can have with processing everyday experiences.

"Here at Willow, we offer a really unique service, totally focused on the individual needs of those living on the ward. They live independently; everyone has their own room in which they’re surrounded by their personal belongings. Willow provides a safe environment in which an  individual’s needs can be met and their behaviours understood.” Willow Ward Manager

Our Secure services for adults with learning disabilities provide specialist help and support for people from a range of settings, including other secure services, prison, mental health services and diversion from the courts. 

Visit Health Careers to find out more about being a learning disability nurse.

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