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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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CAMHS vacancies

"If you're looking for a varied and broad experience of mental health, then CAMHS is the place to be." Farayi Nyakubaya, Modern Matron at Leigh House.

Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services, commonly known as CAMHS, is a term used to describe services that work with children and young people who have difficulty with their emotional and/or behavioural wellbeing.
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Our CAMHS service is an exciting and rewarding place to be working and helps young people aged 12-18 with a wide range of Mental Health conditions. We currently have two established units Leigh House in Winchester and Bluebird at Tatchbury Mount. We are also in the process of opening a new Low secure unit which will also be based at Tatchbury Mount.

Leigh House is an award winning purpose built hospital that not only helps patients recover from eating disorders but it also looks after young people with other mental health conditions such as depression, OCD and psychosis. Bluebird House is one of six Secure Forensic Mental Health Services for young people within the NHS. It is a highly specialist purpose built unit which has an established and dedicated multi-disciplinary team. 

Our new low secure unit will help to meet the national shortage of beds for young people with specialist mental health needs and will mean that patients living in the south of the country will be able to access treatment closer to home.

Working in CAMHS can be very challenging but we have a dedicated workforce from various disciplines that work closely together to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. No two days in CAMHS are ever the same but the work is very interesting and there is lots of fun to be had working with the young people!


Current vacancies in our CAMHS services:
New Low Secure **Brand New Unit Opening October 2019**


Bluebird House 


CAMHS Recruitment Event

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Have you been following our #KeepingUpWithCAMHS vlogs? Check out our latest vlog below!

We have now completed all of the filming for our new new recruitment commercial for our CAMHS service, with the aim of showing the diversity of the roles we have to offer, and also how rewarding it is for all our staff working with young people.

Here are some stills from the commercial ...