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What is a video appointment?

A video appointment is a way to meet with us without needing to travel.  You and your practitioner will be able to see and hear each other using a secure online service.

If you find it difficult to get to your appointments in person, this could be an easier option for you.  Some patients choose video appointments so that they don't need to leave home or work.

For others it means they can bring someone to the appointment who wouldn't be able to attend in person.  

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Download the patient leaflet

Not sure which Video appointment system to use? - Click the Image Below

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Staff Guidance - Click the Image Below

Live Clinic Portal Staff Guidance - Click the Image Below

Zoom Staff Guidance - Click the Image Below 

Visionable Client Guidance - Click the image above
Live Clinic Portal Guidance - Click the image above
SHFT Zoom staff guidance - Click the image above

Clinician FAQs - Audio

Clinician FAQs - Video

Clinician FAQs - Connectivity

Clinician FAQs - Access

Clinician FAQs - General

Has your patient allowed microphone when prompted?

Send patient an instant message to ask them to check:

They are not on mute

Their volume is turned up


You are not on mute

Your volume is turned up

Use a headset.  

Plug the headset into a different USB port and rejoin the call.  

Always use a headset

In Client, at the top, click arrow  at side of audio symbol 

Tick Echo cancellation.  

Use three bar menu to the right and select Fix Audio Problems

Use moderator controls to adjust patient's audio

See Quick Reference Guide ' Visionable Meeting Set Up Guide' here 

Send your patient an instant message. 

Click on the three bar menu next to their name in the meeting and select Send Instant Message.  

The message will appear in the middle of the patient's screen and they can type a response.  

See Quick Reference Guide 'How to use Instant Messaging' here.

Has your patient allowed camera when prompted?

If using your laptop camera - is the laptop lid open?  

Select the right camera - either integrated webcam (in your laptop) or webcam (separate webcam sitting on top of your PC) by clicking on the downward arrow next to the camera icon at the top of Client or selecting Tools/Video/Integrated Webcam from the Client. 

In Client click on the camera icon

Untick integrated webcam and tick webcam

Support your patient by looking at their technical setup - microphone, speaker and video.  See Quick Reference Guide 'Visionable Meeting Set Up' here.

What device is your patient using? 

See the guidance on the Trust website for all devices here

The Video Appointment supports any computer with an internet connection, webcam and microphone. 

Patients can connect through a computer or through Android and iOS platforms.  

Internet requirements are a minimum speed of 256 Kbps. 

The quality of the video is directly dependent on the speed of the internet.   

Did you use your correct work email address, all lower case?  

If not, restart the Registration process.  

Be sure not to download anything during the registration process - the software is already downloaded.

Contact the project team at

Did you receive an email from Visionable to activate? 

If not, restart the Registration process - make sure your work email address is correct and in lower case

If the shortcut on your desktop is not working, go to the Visionable icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.  Alternatively, go to the upward facing arrow at the right of the taskbar to Show Hidden Icons - the Visionable icon is there.  

See Quick Reference Guide 'How to Open Visionable' here.

Unlimited licensed SHFT staff +

2 unlicensed people - e.g. patient + relative/carer

Yes - no patient information is stored within the system.

You cannot enter a meeting unless you have been invited by the clinician. 

Each consultation is accessed using a unique URL. 

Video Appointments are not recorded.

See Quick Reference Guide 'How to Set Up a Team Meeting using Visionable' here.  

Or try Zoom by downloading the free app 

You cannot add yourself to a Community.                                                                                                                                     

Always click on the green banner at the top of Client to be added to your Community.                                                         

Click on the arrow to the left of Community Name to expand 

Contacts list is for staff only - do not add patients.  

Put Visionable colleague's name in Search Contacts field 

Click on Invite tab bottom right of Client window.  

Your colleague will receive a green banner on Client to accept

Follow instructions  to add  to Contacts list.  

Colleague will get a green banner on their Client  to click and accept invitation.  

Once accepted, colleague appears in contacts and you can send an instant message.

Possibility of firewalls on the receiving device preventing receipt e.g. Hampshire County Council. 

Send SMS text instead or copy and paste message from Visionable to alternative email i.e. SHFT or NHS account 

All Visionable licensed staff have access to the the group mailbox.

Do not use your team's generic email   

Quick Reference Guide 'How to Send from the Video Appointment Generic Mailbox' here             

See Quick Reference Guide 'How to Edit or Cancel an Appointment' here.
See Quick Reference Guide 'Video Behaviour - Set Video to always be on top' here.

No need to telephone or text.  

Instructions to re-send the invitation are in Quick Reference Guide 'Re-Confirm a Video Appointment with a Patient/Guest' here.

Contact the project team at
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