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Visiting Information for Ravenswood House

Ravenswood House is a secure unit and therefore, there are rules and procedures that visitors and staff need to follow.  

Below are details of visiting times and items which cannot be brought into the Unit.  This helps keeps you and our service users safe

Photo of a ward on Ravenswood
Ravenswood Ward

Visits can be made between:

Monday – Friday:            4pm – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday:         9am – 8pm


No visitors will be permitted into the Unit after 7.30pm unless in exceptional circumstances. 

Neither staff or visitors are allowed to bring in any of these items into the unit:



Car Keys

Paperwork with personal information on


Memory sticks

A personal locker is available for staff and visitors to leave these above items in, if required. 

Service Users can receive items from relatives/carers/friends, however, the following are not allowed:

Prohibited items 

Prescription/Non prescription

Legal Herbal Highs

Alcohol (and any liquid containing alcohol)

Super Glue

Knives, bladed articles or scissors

Firearms and other weapons including replicas and home-made or manufactured items


Cash, exceeding the amount specified in Trust Policy

Copied Discs (CD’s, DVD’s)

Recordable Equipment

Any equipment that allows the patient direct access to the internet (e.g., modems, 

personal computers, laptops and MP3 players with wireless adapters or wireless connectivity)

Survival equipment which could be used to assist in an escape i.e., military surplus items, 

military manuals, books or magazines


Cigarette Lighters/Matches


Electric Fires

Weights or improvised weight lifting equipment

Candles and incense sticks


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