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TRD: Treatment-Resistant Depression Cohort in Europe

This study collects information about treatments in persons who suffer from depression. This study is conducted in a number of countries within the European region to better understand how this condition is treated in these countries. 

During this study, a researcher will document the treatment as prescribed to you and the treatment effect as observed by your primary or GP doctor. The treatment prescribed to you is independent from your study participation. Hence, your participation in this study will not change the prescription or intake of any medication you will receive anyhow in your routine treatment. You will be asked a number of questions and will complete three online questionnaires.  You will be followed through a 12-month observational period at Month 6 and Month 12 and at each event or treatment change.
To take part you must meet the following criteria:
  • Aged 18 - 64 years old

  • Meet the diagnostic criteria for single episode or recurrent Major Depressive Disorder without psychotic features

  • Meet the criteria for Treatment-Resistant Depression     

  • Is initiating, or is planning to initiate, a new antidepressive treatment to treat the current depressive episode



NOTE: This study does not require any specific testing or additional visits other than the ones you will receive in normal clinical care and your study doctor may capture test information that is collected as part of your normal care. This study does not change the way in which your primary doctor delivers your care.

If you would like to take part or want more information please contact the study lead:


Study Contact: Marek Czeladzki


Tel: 02380 475943

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