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PALS-The Project About Loneliness and Social networks


 *COVID-19 UPDATE: This study is now paused.* 

Around 30% of the UK population experience loneliness. Older people, and those with long-term health problems are far more likely to be lonely and isolated than those in good health. Feeling lonely and isolated also has a negative impact on a person’s emotional and physical health, and costs the NHS money due to more medical appointments and hospital visits. Evidence has shown that connecting with community resources can help protect against loneliness for those most at-risk.

An initial assessment will be carried out by the University of Southampton researchers who will then reveal if the individual has been placed in the control arm (usual care) or the intervention arm (Genie tool). If in the intervention arm, a Southern Health researcher will visit and facilitate the use of the Genie tool. Both groups will then be followed up by the University of Southampton at 3 and 6 months. Those in the control arm will be offered the use of Genie at the end of this time period. All participants will receive a £10 voucher.

 Anyone who lives in the Southampton area, over the age of 18, that feels lonely or is at risk of social isolation can take part.

NOTE: All people who take part will have access to the Genie intervention. Those randomised to the control arm wait until the end of their participation (6 months) and are then offered the chance to use Genie.

If you would like to take part or want more information please contact the study team:

Study Contacts: Danielle McCracken or Ashlea Brooks

Email: or

Tel: 02380 475943 (PLEASE NOTE: this is the number for the research department)

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