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Kathryn Elliot

Kathryn Elliot – Clinical Trials Assistant

I first began working in the Research & Development Department in January 2020 as a Clinical Trials Assistant. This is my first research role for the NHS. During my time as a CTA I have loved the variety this role has offered and am eager to build a career as a researcher.

I graduated with a BSc in Biology in 2018. I developed a true interest in parasitology and the link with mental health. This led me to complete my dissertation on African Sleeping Sickness, a near fatal parasitic infection that causes serious neurological issues including sleep disturbances. I found it extremely interesting the different levels of infrastructure countries have for mental health. This led me to complete a Masters in Global Mental Health in 2019. The course lay bare the challenges the global mental health community faces in regards to the treatment gap that is prominent in many countries. I developed a keen interest in student mental health within Universities, which inspired me to conduct my dissertation on the several interventions to combat loneliness within this target population. By carrying out this research project from the ideas phase right through to data analysis, it gave me a true insight into research and made me extremely motivated to continue this research outside of University.

During my time with the department, I have been involved in a number of projects covering a variety of topics. I have been involved in the EPIC project, which aims to understand the psychological impact COVID-19 has had on the general public, mental health patients and mental health professionals. Additionally, I have been placed to coordinate the Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Study. The survey hopes to increase our understanding of the mental health difficulties University students face, and to comprehend their access and usage of student wellbeing services.

In the future, I would like to continue my postgraduate studies in order to obtain a Post-Doctoral Degree and continue my career as a Research Assistant for the NHS.

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Twitter: @SHFT_Research

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