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Please see below for some of the latest updates within the R&D department.

 The launch of CaFI went really well and it was great to see so many members of the community, service users, family members, carers, community members and mental health professionals excited about the project. The CaFI study aims to test the effectiveness of a more Culturally-adapted Family Intervention (CaFI) for Sub Saharan African and Caribbean people with schizophrenia and psychosis in the UK and their families. To find out more, click here.

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You can find out about the NIHR's Doctoral and Advanced NIHR Fellowship Awards and advice on how to apply here 

The materials produced for the CQC Academy to help support their education of CQC staff involved in well-led inspections are now signposted on NIHR Learn.  This allows the CRN funded research delivery workforce to better understand how CQC is positioned to look at research activities during their work.

An account through the NIHR website is needed prior to access and can be found through this link:  

We are hosting a webinar in conjunction with ASH where Professor Simon Gilbody will be talking about the SCIMITAR+ results and intervention. Simon's presentation will then be followed by a Q&A session.

The webinar took take place on the 29th April but can be found here:

The HRA have written a piece about the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit on research. Read the article here.

Novo Nordisk are now inviting applications for research and education funding in diabetes for 2020. You can find out more here or on their website.

The Dunhill Medical Trust provide two forms of funding support for aspiring researchers in the field of ageing: Research Training Fellowships and the PhD Studentship Support Fund.

Research Training Fellowships 2019/20

Research Training Fellowships are intended to provide research training support for clinicians and allied health professionals who wish to pursue a research career in understanding the underpinning mechanisms of ageing, the treatment of age-related diseases and frailty or improving health and social care for older people.  These provide personal funding for individuals who must complete the application process directly.

PhD Studentship Fund 2019/20

The PhD Studentship Fund is intended to support research institutions to provide training opportunities for early career researchers who wish to acquire a PhD to enable them to pursue a research career in understanding the underpinning mechanisms of ageing, the treatment of age-related diseases and frailty or improving health and social care for older people.  Applications to the Fund must be made by the potential supervisor.

Deadline: 28 February, 2020 at 17.00

For more details please click here.

 The AMRC has produced a handy Q&A about Excess Treatment Costs (ETCs). Click here to find out more.

This call would be ideal for those working with young people, happy to discuss any proposals.

The Fellows Award supports talented researchers with bold ideas from across the globe, who aspire to be the next generation leaders in mental health research, as they establish their independence.

MQ seeks to fund a diverse research portfolio that reflects a bio-psycho-social approach to mental health. The MQ Fellows Awards are open to researchers anywhere in the world and from all disciplines related to mental health research. Research may involve theoretical, experimental, social sciences or medical humanities approaches. Aligning with the work of our Brighter Futures Programme, applications to the 2020 MQ Fellows Award must have a focus on children and young people (which we define as from prenatal development up to 24 years of age). Projects should focus on genuine impact by charting, informing, developing and/or testing preventative or therapeutic interventions.

With the Fellows Award, MQ aims to support the most promising early career scientists, clinician-scientists and researchers working to launch their independent research careers in the field of mental health. Awardees will be asking questions that can bring transformational advances in mental health science, undertaking research with the potential to improve the lives of young people living with mental illness. 

Submission window will open 24th February 2020.

The deadline for submitting applications is the Friday 3rd April 2020 at 17:00 BST. 

For more details please see:

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