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Please see below for some of the latest updates within the R&D department.


Have you experienced voices, suspicious thoughts or other unusual experiences?

Have you been admitted to an acute mental health ward?


If so, please consider joining our online discussion about how we might improve in-patient staff support for people with psychosis.




Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust is part of the national effort to prevent, diagnose and treat COVID-19.             

Whilst those efforts continue, the time is now right to work towards the restoration of a diverse and active portfolio of research.

To help initiate this process, the NIHR has developed a ‘Framework for restart’, a guidance document to support local decision-making.

As part of the framework, research active Trusts should provide clear guidance on safety issues and measures for participants and staff. This includes strict infection prevention control measures, such as reducing site traffic, maintaining social distancing, facility decontamination and screening. Southern Health has prepared the following guidance documents to help facilitate a safe resumption of clinical research:

‘Clinical Research COVID-19 Pandemic – Workplace guidance for staff’

‘Clinical Research COVID-19 Pandemic – Guidance for Resuming Clinic Visits’

This guidance will be followed in accordance with Good Clinical Practice guidelines, NIHR guidance, and UK Government guidance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. At all times, the protocol and the guidance issued by the sponsor related to the COVID-19 pandemic, will take precedence over internal site guidance provided the safety of the participant is protected.

Please contact if you have any concerns or queries about individual studies or this R&D policy. We welcome suggestions as to how we can make the restart process as quick and effective as possible.         

 We've recently had these papers published on the impact of COVID-19 on the mental wellbeing of healthcare staff. You can find this HERE


 You can find a summary of the results produced by our Service User Researcher and PPI Lead Carolyn Asher here.

And a link to the paper below:

The materials produced for the CQC Academy to help support their education of CQC staff involved in well-led inspections are now signposted on NIHR Learn.  This allows the CRN funded research delivery workforce to better understand how CQC is positioned to look at research activities during their work.

An account through the NIHR website is needed prior to access and can be found through this link:  

The HRA have written a piece about the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit on research. Read the article here.

 The AMRC has produced a handy Q&A about Excess Treatment Costs (ETCs). Click here to find out more.

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