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Award-winning MARC: 2018 Site Appreciation Award 2018

Syneos Health contacted us in October to inform us that we have been awarded a 2018 Site Appreciation Award. We were anonymously voted for by part of the Syneos Health clinical operations  team. We have even received a plaque which hangs with pride in the MARC office.
MARC award
MARC were awarded 2018 Site Appreciation Award for research

We were nominated for:

 “1. Efficient Study Start-up demonstrated by timely review of contracts and budgets, timely provision of essential documents and IRB/IEC submissions.

  2. Predictable enrollment demonstrated by meeting or exceeding the agreed upon number of evaluable patients on schedule.

  3. High-quality data demonstrated by minimal number of protocol deviations, high-quality data capture and timely query turnaround.

  4. Excellent focus on patient safety demonstrated by proper administration of informed consent, prompt reporting of SAEs, appropriate patient oversight by PI.

  5. Highly engaged investigator and site staff who are collaborative, responsive and demonstrate strong teamwork and communication”

On winning the award MARC Manager Viv Hopkins said "I am very proud of the team and their continued diligence to ensure the high standard of research that we produce. This award gives them the recognition they so rightly deserve"

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